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Milano Ice Cream Campaign
The complete Brand Identity campaign for an Ice Cream shop in Ravipuram, India.

Magnets & Business Cards

I worked wih the selected logos to create custom magnets that will leave a lasting impression on the MIC customers.

Promotional Postcards


To create these postcards I referenced iconic Italian, specifically Milanese imagery to emphasize the idea that Milan was coming to Ravipuram, India. I utilized a lot of Photoshop magic to execute this art.

Exterior Signage

Utilizing Illustrator, I created signage for the store exterior that announced the coming store and permanent signage that would be simple so to stand out against the busy backdrop of this Ravipuram commercial street.

Interior Signage


​From a 3 meter long banner to the menu. I utilized both Photoshop and Illustrator to produce all of the artwork. All images were found online without copyright, so I had to make sure that the images were of substantial quality so that the final print would be of equal quality. 

Installed Art

Here are images of the final artwork installed from banners to the t-shirt. 

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