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My passion for people and experiences manifests itself in my desire to design products that interrupt our day by
offering a solution or a smile.


My passion for the consumer product industry is only tempered by my capacity to efficiently implement designs with a sense of detail, functionality, and manufacturability.

All design begins with a concept
From Dramatic Beginnings
3 years designing scenic for corporations such as Walmart and Medtronics has given me a interpersonal foundation that makes me an asset to any team. I led concepts through the gauntlet of client input, buget requirements, the needs of cooperating designers, in-house craftsmen, and many more known and unknown variables to deliver a final prduct that kept the integrity of the initial concept and client directives, on schedule. It was a fast-paced environment and I had to be oth proactive and reactive.
Personal & Professional Development
I took a gamble and moved to Italy to do my Master of Science in Industrial Design. Choosing to study and work in Italy's design culture has changed my work. Outside of the rigor of class, just living here has impressed upon me a more sensorial aesthetic that has the classic objective of eliminating the superfluous. Professionally I am now keenly aware of the competitiveness of this industry and thus am motivated to rise to every opportunity. Personally, my time here has reminded me of what I value in life and given me a dream to strive for.
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