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Working with clients from Walmart, Medtronics, EDS and many more not shown above, I became good at creative, resourceful solutionos. Smoke and mirrors, some may call it but any desginer knows that it takes a lot of work to make a project look this good. Here is a few representational images of what goes on behind the curtain. 



You may have heard that everything is bigger in Texas. This does not exclude our churches. We have what we call Mega-Churches where thousands come each sunday to congregate. When they celebrate their holidays, they require a grand production. I had the pleasure of designing equally grand sets for these very occassions.



Produced by Fred Hammond amily Entertainment in 2007, I designed this set for their debut Stage play. This stage was the result of collaboration amongst producers directors, cinemetagrophers, and many more. I was at the center coordinating all of the often conflicting needs and desires in order to achieve this backdrop.

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